Talking Head Studio has this unique ability to effectively capture the transformation stories of our graduates, which connect at a heart level with all of our partners who support the work we are doing in the community. This connection with our volunteers and donors inspires them to engage with the ministry.
— Marc Stanakis, President, The Jobs Partnership of Florida
Travis Hull and the team at Talking Head Studio provide an exemplary level of quality and service. The challenge in hiring high quality video production services without paying an arm and a leg is finding video professionals that are actually professional.

The team at Talking Head Studio have helped me produce training programs, seminars, lunch and learns, graduation ceremonies, award dinners, informational videos, training videos, marketing videos and audio products. The versatility of their team within this specific realm of media production has been a great asset to the organizations in which I’ve employed their services. The tactfulness and professionalism of their staff and their flexibility and attention to detail have made complex projects simpler, more manageable and less stressful than they easily could’ve been.

If you are looking for a business-minded collaborator, not just another creative with a camera, then I highly recommend the folks at Talking Head Studio for professional productions delivered with professional level service.
— Eddy Moratin, Executive Director, Lift Orlando
Over the past few years I have held leadership positions at different companies. At every one of them one of my first goals was to get Travis and Talking Head Studio in to do some work for us. This was important to me because Talking Head always made whatever project we were working on look good. He found a unique and compelling story to tell, offered creative suggestions that dramatically improved our end result, and did it all with a smile. The Talking Head team are consummate professionals and add value to every organization that they work with. If you want to get your story out there, and tell it well, call Talking Head today!
— Joshua Keck, Director of Sales, RAN Services
I would definitely require more than 5 stars to articulate my satisfaction level with Talking Head Studio and their work. I have used Talking Head in two aviation companies and would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for a professional, effective and outstanding video marketing solutions. Throughout the experience the entire team we worked with was professional, on time, and always on budget. The value was stellar, and the ROI for our company more than doubled within a short time of trasferring our companies Video and Marketing needs to them. Many Pilots/Aviators can get very technical, cocky, and/or demanding. The team at Talking Head worked carefully with each member of our company guiding us each step of the way and created a masterpiece for not only our company but for our clients. Truly an exceptional experience, and we are hiring them for our next project coming up!
— Jonathan Johns, President, Flight-Logic Aviation, LLC
Couldn’t be happier!!! Working with Talking Head Studio was a great experience. Right off the bat I knew i was working with a well rounded professional. The whole process was stress free and I could be involved as much or as little as i wanted to be. He really took the time to listen to me and make sure we were both on the same page. Unlike a few other experiences I’ve had where they show up and are counting down the minutes till they can leave, which clearly hurt the video in the long run. I strongly recommend Talking Head Studio for any video production work. Great Job!
— Jason Lake, Artist