How We Differ From Other Production Companies In Orlando

No two production companies in Orlando are equal. We’re sharing how we differ from the rest.

Our Passion

Since our inception, the team at Talking Head Studio has always taken pride in our abilitiy to make creative magic happen while helping businesses excel at connecting with their audiences. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, we’ve learned techniques, adapted to trends and built close-knit relationships that have allowed us to do what we love every day. 

Our passion stems from our desire to help-- we understand business, we implement effective strategies and we know how to cultivate results. When businesses work with us, they’re working with a group of partners vwho truly want to help their brand shine. We listen to our clients, study their field, learn their story, and tell it well. 

Below is an example of a Chiropractor’s story who wanted to share his ‘Big Why’ with patients and potential patients in order to explain his personal health journey:

Our Core Beliefs 

Our core beliefs may differ from other production companies in Orlando. We believe all people are intrinsically valuable and unique. We care about who you are, what you do and what’s important to you. All in all, business is about serving people because of the impact it has on lives. The work aspect is temporary, but the effect of our work can leave a lasting impression. 

We believe our role is to be storytellers and every business has a story to tell. All good stories are inspirational and if people are able to connect with your business due to your story, they are infinitely more likely to get involved. We’ve found that video is the easiest and most effective way to communicate that message with the most emotion and power. Yes, the technical aspects of our work are pivotal, but being able to learn your story and tell it compellingly is our driving purpose. 

Below is an example of a client, FPG, who hired us to help create a vision and path to allow their executives to tell the story of why their brand exists in order to bring out the greater public understanding of the company:

Our Approach 

Our team of talented people embodies a wide array of skills that are utilized to meet the needs of our clients. We adjust the size of our team based on the size of the project to ensure we have just the right people for each occasion. In doing so, we’re able to keep costs down and guarantee excellence based on the selected roles. We genuinely care for our clients and believe our work can attest. 

We can’t speak for other production companies in Orlando, but our testimonials do the talking. If you’re interested in working together on a project, contact us today or schedule a call. We’d be thrilled to help your business tell its story!