Client Overview

Lifework Leadership was founded in 1992 as a faith-based organization seeking to nurture and guide the development of local business leaders and support their efforts to transform and revitalize their communities. Headquartered in Orlando, Lifework Leadership has expanded their faith-based leadership program to North and South Florida, Ohio, and Georgia, with plans to continue into New York, Colorado and beyond.


All interviews were shot on location in the executive's offices in Orlando.


To commemorate their 20th Anniversary, the Talking Head Studio team interviewed prominent Orlando business leaders about the many positive changes Lifework Leadership alumni have made to the professional community over the last two decades.

Equipment Used

Canon 5D Mark II LED Lighting Kit Sennheiser G3 ENG Wireless Kit Countyman B6 Omnidirectional Microphone Zoom H4N


Juggling interviews with busy executives in our narrow production timeframe proved to be our biggest challenge; but, we rose to the occasion and completed all interviews and post-production in time to deliver a riveting, impactful video presentation at the 20th Anniversary award reception!