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Creating a great video that meets your needs and vision depends on how well you are able to collaborate with your video production company. To make it easier, here are 7 tips to keep in mind when working with a video production company:

1. Find a video production company you trust.

This is SO important. Take the time to find a video production company that has a great reputation, and that you are confident in and can trust. For tips on choosing the right video production company, read this post.

2. Have the budget talk

Some people don’t like to have the budget talk up front, because they feel like they might get taken advantage of over price. Totally understandable, but the budget is the basis from which all other conversations will stem from, so it’s very important to talk about it up front. If you are worried about being taken advantage of, then maybe you haven’t found the right video production company to work with (See tip #1!).

3. Have a reference video(s) to show your video production company.

If you are looking for a certain kind of video, be prepared to provide your video production company with examples of the type of video you want to create. They can then let you know if it fits into your budget, and how to make your vision happen.

4. Understand your objective for the video and be clear in communicating it to your video production company.

What do you want to happen as a result of someone watching the video you’re about to collaborate on? Understanding this, and being able to communicate it will help your video production company see the big picture and be able to provide educated input to help you achieve your goal for the video.

5. Know your target audience.

It’s important for the video production company you are working with to know who you are trying to reach with your video. This enables them to be creative and relevant, and create a better performing video.

6. Let the experts be the experts.

If you really want to get the most out of your relationship with your video production company, rely on their creativity and expertise. You will get a much better video if you don’t limit them to only your idea of what can or should be done. It can be hard to relinquish a little bit of control, but if you follow tips 4 and 5 successfully, your video production company will have the information they need to meet and exceed your expectations.

7. Plan ahead

Creating a killer video takes time! From the planning stages to filming to post-production to distribution, make sure you allow plenty of time for your video production company to work with. With the new year starting, now is a great time to sit down and identify what your video needs will be, then get to work finding that video production company you can trust.

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