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What these YouTube stars can teach us about video production quality.

It has been the opinion of many social media experts that high video production quality isn’t needed for your business YouTube videos, and that an iPhone or digital camera is all that’s needed to gain an audience with video online.

That may have been true in the past, but we have now entered a new era in online video. With 300 hours of video being added to YouTube every minute, the internet is saturated with online video. Most of that video is low quality, coming from a phone or digital camera. Professional, high quality video production can help set your video content apart and allow it to rise above the noise.

Video production quality is also becoming more important because of the devices we are using to view YouTube. While desktop and mobile are still the major screens used to watch YouTube videos, TV viewing is gaining in popularity. Most televisions on the market these days now come with wifi and the YouTube app, allowing consumers to watch YouTube videos in full screen on their big screen HDTV’s.

YouTube is also trying to attract higher quality video uploads by providing grants to content creators to improve their videos, and by building production studios in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and most recently Manhattan for content creators to use. In the end, YouTube and Google know that the higher the video production quality, the more viewers they will attract. And with more viewers comes more ad revenue.

Even the Youtube celebrities that got their start filming from their phones and cameras have upgraded their video production quality. They know that in order to keep and build their audience, they need to take their videos to the next level. Take a look at these several YouTube celebrities and compare for yourself their first videos against their current videos that have garnered them millions of subscribers and views.

Dude Perfect

Number of subscribers: 3.7 million

First video 5 years ago:

Latest video:


Number of subscribers: 6.6 million

First video 5 years ago:

Latest video:

Michelle Phan

Number of subscribers: 7.2 million

First video 7 years ago:

Latest video:

Bethany Mota

Number of subscribers: 7.7 million

First video 5 years ago:

Latest video:

Every month, one billion people visit YouTube and watch over 6 billion hours of video, a number that is only expected to increase. There is huge potential for attracting an audience on YouTube and rising above the noise with compelling content and quality video production.

If you already have a thriving YouTube channel, consider raising the bar in 2015 with higher quality video production to grow your audience. If you are planning to start using YouTube, start off by producing high quality videos so you can compete with channels that are already well established to build your audience quicker.

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