Capturing the attention of new and existing customers is a huge task considering the amount of noise and distractions they are faced with every moment of the day.


The secret to capturing people’s attention and focusing it on your business is to tell a great story.


We relate to people through stories. Stories are where life happens, where communication happens, and where inspiration happens. A good story can transport your customer to where you want them to go.


It may be an old fashioned tool that has been around for centuries, but when applied to business marketing and combined with modern technology, storytelling can be a powerful way to build your customer base and grow sales.


Research has proven that when information is presented in the form of a story, our brains release two chemicals: 


Cortisol, which focuses our attention on one thing and helps us block out distractions, and

Oxytocin, which makes us feel connected to the characters in the story.


When you can capture a potential customer’s attention and make them feel connected to your business, they are more likely to choose your product or service.


Your business is not just a name and a location. Your business is a living, breathing organization that benefits individuals and the community, and the world needs to know what your business has to offer them. 


We have captured stories all over the world, and we would love to hear the story of your business.

Shoot us an email about our business documentary packages and let's bring your story to life.

Click to watch the business documentary we produced for our clients at Erb Family Wellness.