The digital revolution has changed many things about how we do business, and how we connect with customers, vendors, and colleagues. The online tools that you have at your disposal have the potential to create richer connections and open up more opportunities than ever before. 

The foundation of your identity in the digital space is your headshotHeadshots are not just for executives and public figures anymore. They are a valuable tool for savvy business professionals to be used in many different areas of digital communication, including the staff page of your website, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, blog avatars, email signatures, and more. 

With the digital revolution, businesses are connected globally now more than ever before. There’s a good chance that you will do business with many people you will never meet face to face. Having a headshot to represent yourself in communication goes a long way towards setting yourself apart from your competition, and being seen as someone who is genuine, trustworthy, and takes their work seriously. 

Professional headshots are not just a nice tool to have, they also could be required at some point in your career. For example if you have a speaking opportunity, or you are nominated for an award, you will most likely be asked to provide a high resolution professional photo to be included in promotional materials. 

It’s important to take your image online seriously by having a professional photographer shoot your headshots, instead of using selfies or amateur photos. You wouldn't dress unprofessionally in a business setting, so why would you represent yourself online with an unprofessional photograph?

A professional photographer can shoot headshot photos that make you look your best and help you put your best foot forward online. They can provide lighting to enhance skin tone and features, eliminate shadows that may make you look tired or ill, guide you in posing and body placement, and provide you with high resolution photo files that will look crystal clear wherever you decide to place them online. 

Get serious about your professional image online and book your headshot session with Talking Head Studio today. We offer a state of the art studio conveniently located in the heart of downtown Orlando.

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