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Improve Internal Communications with Video

Improve Internal Communications with Video


Video is an effective business tool for more than just marketing. Companies are now relying on video to improve internal communications. In fact, 93% of internal communications teams now see videos as an important tool.

Video can help you get the attention of employees, and explain lengthy or difficult subject matter with ease; making it more likely that the intended viewer will comprehend the message.

Videos can also improve internal communications by allowing companies to be more consistent and uniform in their communications, so that everyone is getting the same message in the same way.

Some examples of ways that companies can use video to improve corporate internal communications are:

  • Compliance training
  • Major meetings
  • Continuing education
  • Onboarding
  • Corporate news
  • Safety training
  • Replace or coincide with lengthy, complicated documents

The key to communicating effectively with video is to create well produced videos that are interesting, engaging, and relatively brief. They also need to be distributed well so that they are easy to find by employees.

Have you used video to improve communication in your company? Share your story!

Four Signs That It's Time to Work with a Video Production Company

Four Signs That It's Time to Work with a Video Production Company

Has your organization been putting off working with a video production company and taking advantage of the many benefits of video? There are many ways to utilize video to improve your bottom line, from increasing sales to decreasing operating costs. Here are 4 signs that you may need the help of a video production company:

Your website traffic is low  If your website traffic is low, you may have a problem showing up in search engines or you may not have anything interesting that is drawing people to your website. Video can change both of those for your organization. As we’ve mentioned before, video is a great tool for improving your search engine rankings, and regularly adding new video content gives people a reason to visit your website and maybe even share it with someone else.

Your customer service department is swamped  If your customer service department is dealing with a heavy case load on a daily basis, your organization may be struggling to provide the proper assistance and care to your most important customers - the ones you already have! One reason could be that there are concepts or instructions related to your product that are difficult for your customer to understand. Video provides a great way to address common customer service issues consistently and quickly, in a way that is easy to access and easy to understand. Your customers will thank you!

minute of video million words
minute of video million words

The cost of training & continuing education for your employees is too high If you’re organization is looking for a way to lower training and continuing education costs for your employees, video can be a great option. With a professionally filmed, produced, and edited training video, you can provide thorough and consistent training to all of your employees, no matter when or where they are hired.

You have a reputation problem online  If your organization has been the victim of a soiled reputation, video can help redeem it. Coming back from a bad reputation, especially online, can take a lot of work. Video can help you tell your story in an authentic and transparent way, making even your harshest critics see you in a new light. Video can also infuse some positive content into search results where negative content about your organization currently dominates.

Have you pursued video as a solution for any of these problems? How has working with a video production company improved your business? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!