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7 Tips for Working With Your Video Production Company

7 Tips for Working With Your Video Production Company

Creating a great video that meets your needs and vision depends on how well you are able to collaborate with your video production company. To make it easier, here are 7 tips to keep in mind when working with a video production company:

What Does Telling Your Business Story Really Mean?

What Does Telling Your Business Story Really Mean?

telling your business story

There’s a vague concept that a lot of people throw around (including us!) that sounds really great and pretty, but is also not very helpful to people who aren’t so clear on it’s meaning. The concept is telling the story of your business.

If you’ve been hanging around here for a while, you’ve heard us talk a lot about this, but we haven’t actually defined what it means or involves for the average business. Until today!

What does it mean to tell your business story? Telling the story of your business means to let people in on the journey your business is taking, from it’s conception to where it’s at in the journey right now.

It means sharing the things that have shaped your business. Your values, your culture, what’s important to you as a business.

It means sharing about the individuals and people that are dedicating their lives to growing your business and serving your customers.

Why Is It Important To Tell the Story of Your Business? When you first meet someone, you go through the typical getting to know you questions: where are you from, what do you do, etc. Those are important questions, and no doubt play a part in developing that initial connection with that person. But, anyone can tell you that just knowing those stats on a person doesn’t actually mean you have a basis for a relationship.

What really allows you to develop a relationship with someone is letting them in to your story. What drives you, what motivates you, what makes your face light up. What’s the most important thing in the world to you? What do you love doing in your free time? What makes you mad? What experiences do you share with the other person? These are things that, when we know them and understand them about each other, really solidify a bond between us, and develop a relationship.

The same is true in business. Telling your business story helps you to develop a bond of loyalty and trust with your customer, that keeps them coming back. They know why you do what you do and they know what to expect from you. And even if you mess up, they know your intentions and would rather stick it out with you than find someone else.

How to tell your business story.  There are many ways to tell the story of your business. When humans first started telling stories they were telling them person to person. Today this would be taking someone out to lunch and communicating with them about the values and story of your company in a one on one conversation.

Then, humans moved on to telling stories with pictures. Last week we talked about how smart businesses get noticed online by using pictures and images. Enlist the help of a professional photographer to create a photographic journal that tells the story of what goes on in your business.

After that was written language. You might already have a spot on your website or displayed in your stores that communicates your vision and values. Try searching your company for stories that perfectly align with your vision and values, and tell those stories on your company blog.

Then of course film and television entered the picture and we were (and still are!) glued to the screen. If you can’t sit down for a one on one conversation with someone and tell them about your business, video is the next best thing. Consider working with a video production company to create a business documentary that shows the history and the passion in your work.

We would love to hear from you. What does telling your business story mean to you? 

Four Signs That It's Time to Work with a Video Production Company

Four Signs That It's Time to Work with a Video Production Company

Has your organization been putting off working with a video production company and taking advantage of the many benefits of video? There are many ways to utilize video to improve your bottom line, from increasing sales to decreasing operating costs. Here are 4 signs that you may need the help of a video production company:

Your website traffic is low  If your website traffic is low, you may have a problem showing up in search engines or you may not have anything interesting that is drawing people to your website. Video can change both of those for your organization. As we’ve mentioned before, video is a great tool for improving your search engine rankings, and regularly adding new video content gives people a reason to visit your website and maybe even share it with someone else.

Your customer service department is swamped  If your customer service department is dealing with a heavy case load on a daily basis, your organization may be struggling to provide the proper assistance and care to your most important customers - the ones you already have! One reason could be that there are concepts or instructions related to your product that are difficult for your customer to understand. Video provides a great way to address common customer service issues consistently and quickly, in a way that is easy to access and easy to understand. Your customers will thank you!

minute of video million words
minute of video million words

The cost of training & continuing education for your employees is too high If you’re organization is looking for a way to lower training and continuing education costs for your employees, video can be a great option. With a professionally filmed, produced, and edited training video, you can provide thorough and consistent training to all of your employees, no matter when or where they are hired.

You have a reputation problem online  If your organization has been the victim of a soiled reputation, video can help redeem it. Coming back from a bad reputation, especially online, can take a lot of work. Video can help you tell your story in an authentic and transparent way, making even your harshest critics see you in a new light. Video can also infuse some positive content into search results where negative content about your organization currently dominates.

Have you pursued video as a solution for any of these problems? How has working with a video production company improved your business? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Three Ways to Measure the ROI of Online Corporate Videos

Three Ways to Measure the ROI of Online Corporate Videos

corporate video roi

When done right, corporate videos can be an extremely valuable communication tool, with many benefits for your business. But how do you know if your corporate videos are succeeding and worth the investment? By measuring the results of the video against your goals to find the ROI (Return on Investment).

The simplest way to measure a corporate video’s performance is to look at the number of plays the video has had. But, if you are creating corporate videos for any goal other than just “get people to press play” (such as to bring in new customers or increase sales), the number of plays will not give you accurate insight into the return on your investment, or if there are improvements you could make in your next video.

Here are three ways to better measure the ROI of your online corporate video:

Length of time viewers are watching your videos.

How to measure: Record how long viewers watch the video divided by how long the video is.

What the data tells you: Understanding how long people are engaging with your video can provide you with some very important information. It can tell you the point in the video that is the least engaging, that loses the interest of the viewer. It can tell you if the content is valuable to the viewer. It can tell you if viewers are watching long enough to reach the call to action or not. All of this information can help you understand if the corporate video is really achieving its intended purpose, or if changes need to be made in future videos.

Video Play Rate

How to measure: Record the number of video plays divided by number of visitors to the web page it is on.

What the data tells you: The play rate of a video gives you an indication of how attractive and engaging that video is, just from the description, thumbnail, and other teaser information on the web page that encourages people to click play. It answers the questions: Are people watching your corporate video when they get to the page? When they see the video, are they pressing play? Is the video an important element on the page?

If you have a video on your site, but the percentage of people that visit the page and find it appealing enough to click play is low, that video has poor ROI because people are ignoring the video. However if the percentage is high, that means the video is an important part of that page. This information can help you improve the attractiveness of the video by changing the thumbnail, teaser information, layout of the page, or creating different video content altogether.

The benefit of corporate videos to business operations

How to measure: Define the business operations element you would like to see changed, and then record the change in action or behaviors related to that goal.

What the data tells you: If the goal of the video is to change a certain business operation, you will need to go deeper than the standard video analytics. For example, if your goal is to reduce the amount of customer service calls for a particular issue by creating a how to video for the website, your customer service team could measure how many calls came in about that issue before and after the video was published.

All of these measurements can help you create better videos in the future by telling you what length, style, and information resonates the most with your audience. By taking the time to define your goals and measure your results, and partnering with a professional video production company that you can grow and adapt with, you will develop a competitive corporate video strategy that pays for itself many times over.

Business Documentary Film, Studio Adorn

Boudoir photography has been creating quite the buzz with wedding photographers in Orlando. It is often offered as an add on to wedding photography. They photographer will set up a photo shoot prior to the wedding and on the morning of the wedding day the bride will surprise her man with a little book of the photos taken during the shoot. It's also common for photographers to hold "boudoir bashes" and schedule shoots back to back at a local hotel located in Central Florida. When my friend and colleague, Sivan Rettew, from Sivan Photography announced she was adding boudoir photography to her services I was excited to see how she would approach the style. I've seen a lot of photographers put out raunchy boudoir photos. It is a style that should be classy and bring out the beauty of the women in front of the camera. This is what I love about Sivan's portfolio and it is also the atmosphere that she created at the studio she opened last year, Studio Adorn. It is located in West Orlando and available for photography shoots and offers a stress-free alternative to finding a classy hotel.

I sat down with Sivan and her husband Craig to find out more about the studio and what led them to open Studio Adorn.