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Choosing the Right Video Production Company in Orlando

Choosing the Right Video Production Company in Orlando

a video production company in orlando

Working with a video production company allows you to benefit from their expertise to meet your business objectives. But how do you determine which video production company in Orlando has the right skills for the job and will deliver the finished product you are looking for? Here is a step by step process to choosing the right video production company, and what to keep in mind when you’re deciding.

Step One: Decide what your goal is.

What do you want to achieve with your video? What type of video do you want to make? Is it a testimonial? Commercial? How to video? If you nail down ahead of time what you would like the video to accomplish, it will be easier to find a video production company in Orlando that specializes in what you're looking for

Step Two: Decide what your budget is.

Make sure you have a realistic budget set aside for your video production project. That way you can easily eliminate video production companies that are outside of your price range.

Step Three: Ask for referrals from friends and colleagues.

You want to find someone you trust, and the best way to do that is to find someone you trust that already has a relationship with a good video production company in Orlando. Many times if you ask for referrals on LinkedIn in a group such as the Networking in Orlando group, you'll get some great, honest info.

Step Four: Do the research.

Once you have some referrals, start researching them through their website and YouTube channels. Also use Google to search for video production companies in Orlando or your city to make sure there aren't any good ones you've missed. Ask for samples of their work or review their online portfolio. Since you already determined what type of video you want to do, look for examples of their work that is similar to what you are looking for.

Step Five: Get multiple quotes.

Narrow your choices down to two or three video production companies, then request quotes from each of them for the work. Communicate your expectations clearly to the video production company so they can give you the most accurate quote and you won't get any surprises with extra fees down the road.

Five factors to help you decide which video production company you will choose:


Look for online reviews. Just type the name of the company + reviews in Google to start. Look for reviews on sites like Yelp and Google Places. Like any company, take all reviews with a grain of salt. One bad review may not mean much, but if there’s a consistent pattern of bad reviews from a variety of people, that might be a clear warning sign.

The video production company you choose should have the proper equipment for the job. Their camera equipment must be able to film in HD or the highest quality possible for your budget, and they should have the proper lighting, sound, and post production technology.

The video production company you choose should be skilled in post production editing. Filming is only half of what is required to create a great corporate video. You also need a company that is skilled in post production to make the video flow seamlessly, add graphics and text, correct any sound flaws, and deliver it in the proper format for you to use.

The video production company you choose should have talent and services that make you look good. For example, voice over talent, spokespersons, make up artists, wardrobe stylists. You don't want anything distracting from the point of your video so you want to make sure the person on camera looks their best. If you can't find anyone in house that is bold enough to deliver the message of your video effectively, you'll need outside talent to help you out. A good video production company has a network of talent to draw from.

Go with your gut. In the end, listen to what your gut is saying and go with the video production company you feel most comfortable with. There may be a cheaper option, but a cheaper quote won't always mean that you will save money - they may be cheap for a reason.



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