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6 Inspiring Small Business Documentaries

6 Inspiring Small Business Documentaries

small business documentaries

There is a reason why your company exists - because it was someone’s dream, someone’s passion. It exists because someone worked hard, pushed through challenges, faced fear and doubt, to make that dream a reality.

Your business has a story to tell, and business documentaries are a great way to tell that story in an open, transparent way that captivates the audience.

Here are six inspiring small business documentaries that will leave you itching to tell the story of your brand to the world.

Meet Your Farmer - Chase Farm

Maine Farmland Trust commissioned these business documentaries to be made about it's local farms. This one shows how much hard work goes into running a local farm, and how rewarding it is for the family that runs it.

Chapman & Sons Bookbinders

This is a great short business documentary on the story of a 3rd generation bookbinding business located in West Texas, and how they have adapted and thrived even in the midst of rapid technological advancements.

9 Businesses

This business documentary profiles 9 small businesses located in the heart of Detroit. The film tells the story behind each business, and shows importance of small businesses as the foundation of communities.

The Shoe: Stillwater Shoe Repair

A good pair of shoes has a story to tell, and this shoe repair shop in Stillwater, Oklahoma is no different. Business documentaries can capture the passion of a business owner in the twinkle of their eye when they talk about the service they offer…something that is hard to accomplish in words.

Small is Beautiful

This whimsical business documentary profiles the owner of a small cheesecake shop in Liverpool, and the story of how her international travels sparked her career in cheesecake.

Studio Adorn

We recently filmed this business documentary for our clients at Studio Adorn, who saw the rise in popularity of the boudoir photography niche and took it to the next level by creating a relaxing and comfortable studio retreat. The film is able to show the class and elegance with which they conduct business, which sets the bar high for their competitors.