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10 Impressions a Poorly Produced Corporate Video Gives to Customers

10 Impressions a Poorly Produced Corporate Video Gives to Customers

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A corporate video is just as much a part of a company’s outward facing appearance as their website, office, and staff's appearance is. It reflects on the quality standards of the company and impacts its reputation. Poorly produced corporate videos can have a negative impact on how a company is perceived, and opens the door wide open for the competition.

Here are 10 impressions a poorly produced corporate video gives to that company's potential customers

  1. We do not value our appearance.
  2. We have low expectations for our employee & vendor’s performance.
  3. We favor the cheap and easy way out.
  4. We are not on the cutting edge of our industry.
  5. We do not have high quality standards for our products.
  6. We are not concerned with how we are perceived in the marketplace.
  7. We are not competitive. 8. We are not relevant & current.
  8. We are not concerned with our reputation.
  9. We are not concerned with our customer’s experience (read: customer service)
  10. In as much as a badly produced corporate video can negatively affect how a company is perceived, a professionally produced corporate video can instill consumer confidence in a brand even before a customer makes their first purchase.

A professionally produced corporate video tells potential customers that:

  1. We have pride in our company and our work.
  2. We take our appearance and reputation seriously.
  3. We are relevant & adapt to changes in our culture & industry.
  4. We value the experience our customers have with us.
  5. We have high expectations for ourselves.
  6. We are willing to go the extra mile.
  7. We have high standards for the quality of our products.
  8. We are a leader in our industry.
  9. What are your corporate videos telling your customers? Are they inspiring purchases & leads or are they instilling doubt and caution?