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How to Use Micro Video for Marketing

How to Use Micro Video for Marketing

HOW TO USE micro video

Last week we gave you the scoop on everything you need to know about micro video marketing. This week, we are going to give you some pointers on how to use micro video for marketing, and some examples from companies who are already using it well.

First, here are a few things the experts are saying about micro video…

"The next year will see a rise in 3- to 15-second video that can be created and shared by smartphone users. Twitter’s Vine and Instagram’s video sharing functions are examples of micro-video apps in action. Running marketing campaigns that encourage customer participation through creating and sharing these micro-videos is something to consider in 2014, especially if you’re into mobile marketing.” -Online business coach Ali Rittenhouse

"Micro-video offers the promise of more engagement than traditional online video for brands, with branded Vines four times more likely to be shared than traditional online video. This makes the trend an enticing one for those brands willing to leap in feet first. These short formats, however, demand a focus on creativity coupled with simplicity, a trend that may well transcend micro-video and start to influence more traditional online video and perhaps even TV advertising.” -Jarrod Payne from marketing consulting company Millward Brown

Entrepreneur magazine advises brands to leverage micro video while it is on the rise because of how well it performs on mobile devices:

"With more opportunities to reach customers and prospects by mobile, companies can stay relevant by creating mobile-focused content marketing strategies."

What it takes to be successful with micro video for marketing...

Creativity & Experimentation

This is a new format, and so there isn’t a standard or template to follow for success - which is why it is so compelling to customers. It’s something new that they haven’t seen a million times over, which provides a great opportunity for businesses who are creative enough to find ways to use it. But since you’re not following a mold, it does take some creativity and experimenting to achieve success.

Great Lighting, Sound, Camera Angle & Editing

Because these clips are so small, your video production needs to be on point so that the message can get across. We’ve suggested developing a good relationship with a video production company before, and this is why. Working with the right video production company can bring your micro video ideas to life with high quality and professionalism.

Ideas and Inspiration for Marketing with Microvideo...

Offer a behind the scenes look.

Sneak peak and behind the scenes content works great on social media platforms, and 6-15 second video clips are the perfect length to offer this type of teaser content. A few ideas are…

  • Take time lapse photos of setup and breakdown of an event you are having, like a conference or charity event.
  • Give a tour of a new location before it opens, a part of your office that’s not visited by the public, or part of your production process.

Make How To Microvideos

Like we’ve talked about before, how to videos make great content for sharing on the web. Lowe’s has really done a great job of creating how to micro videos with their “Fix in Six” series on Vine.

Bacardi UK also does a great job of showing us how to make cocktails using their product:

Have Fun

Oreo is a great example of a brand that is having fun with micro videos. From their french press method for dipping Oreos in milk, to Oreo popcorn, and Oreo sprinkles, their showing us fun and innovative ways to consume their product.

For more ideas on how to use micro video for marketing, read our blog about 5 Ways Business are Using Instagram Video.

Do you know of a business that is using micro video well? Share your favorite micro video marketing examples with us in the comment section below.