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Orlando, You Don't Know The Half Of It

Orlando, You Don't Know The Half Of It

Orlando you don't know the half of it

Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs and the Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission officially revealed their new Orlando marketing initiative at the 2014 Orange County Economic Summit on Tuesday.

The main tagline for the new branding is:

“Orlando. You Don’t Know The Half Of It.”

The campaign will capitalize on the world’s familiarity with Orlando as a tourist destination, but ask them to expand their view of the city to recognize its vibrant metro area, growing business sector, and exceptional quality of life.

“Orlando’s brand isn’t about who we are going to be, but who we are right now” said Mayor Jacobs during her presentation at the Summit.

Among the target audience for this new branding are key decision makers involved in business relocation initiatives. But Mayor Jacobs and the EDC also have organic growth in mind. She's hoping the new brand will develop a deeper sense of pride & ownership among Orlando residents so that they will help spread the word about how great it is to live & do business in Orlando, Florida.

Mayor Jacobs also highlighted their focus on entrepreneurship and small business, and encouraged business leaders to share their stories of innovation and success in the Orlando area.

The initiative is the culmination of an 18 month research and creative process by the Regional Branding Committee, with the help of Winter Park advertising agency Anson Stoner. The Metro Orlando EDC has high hopes for the impact the new branding will have on the local economy. They project that the average Orlando area wage will increase 20% in 5 yrs, and that there will be a $162 return for the community on each $1 invested in marketing campaign.

For more on Orlando’s new branding initiative, visit Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission website:

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