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how to prepare for an on camera interview

How to Prepare for an On Camera Interview

How to Prepare for an On Camera Interview

Preparing for an On Camera Interview

Most video marketing requires one important element - a person to tell the story! It can be nerve wracking being the one to do an on camera interview and tasked with telling the story of your organization. Here are three great ways you can prepare for an on camera interview:

Have a conversation.

Don’t think of yourself as a news anchor delivering the news, just think of yourself as having a conversation with one person from your target audience. To prepare for an on camera interview, practice by sharing your story with others in natural conversation. Take a mental note of the questions they ask or the difficulty they may have understanding something and think about how you can explain it better next time. A good video production company will also help to guide you with engaging questions in a conversational manner.

Eliminate distractions.

You don’t want the viewer to be distracted by your personal appearance. To prepare for an on camera interview, choose clothes that you feel comfortable in, and that is appropriate for your target audience. Also ask your video production company if they work with a hair and makeup artist. Touch ups to improve your complexion and reduce shine can go a long way towards shifting the focus from you to the story you are telling.

Keep the goal in mind and speak from the heart.

Why are you do the on camera interview in the first place? To share the heart of your company? To raise funds for your cause? Whatever it is, be authentic and remember the purpose in what you are sharing. It will make your passion shine through and bring life to the interview.

While it’s great to prepare for an on camera interview, what’s most important is that you feel comfortable. There is endless tape, so don’t be nervous about getting it right the first time. A great video production company will put you at ease, and make you look like a rock star through post production editing. That’s what we do here at Talking Head Studio! You focus on telling your story, and we do the rest.


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