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12 Ways To Use Video To Promote Your Next Event

12 Ways To Use Video To Promote Your Next Event

These days video is a necessity for anyone putting on an event or conference.

Video helps increase the buzz and excitement around your event, provides content for future marketing efforts, and creates additional revenue streams.

From fundraisers and galas to conferences and trade shows, here are 12 ideas for using video before, during and after your next event:


Before The Event

Video Invites

Have keynote speakers or special guests record a short video invitation to the event to share on social media and to use in online video ads. Bonus Tip: If your speaker or special guest has a large audience, use Facebook ads to target their fans who live near the event location with the video invite. 


Save The Date

You might not have all the details worked out, but you can at least create a short video once the dates and location of the event are finalized to get people thinking an planning. Include clips from last years event or shots of the city and venue where the event will be taking place. 


Hype Video

Encourage registrations and ticket sales with a hype video featuring highlights from the previous years event to be posted on social media, in email marketing, and on registration landing pages. This video can be created during the event to be shown at the end to encourage early bird registration for the following year. 


During The Event

Event Announcements

Make event announcements more exciting and memorable by using short videos to communicate essential event information. 


Sponsor Videos

Offer short video spots as part of a sponsorship level, to be played before presentations as well as on the event social media pages.


Speaker Intros

Show a video intro for your speakers to help draw in the audience and get them excited about the presentation. 


Videos During Sessions

Help your speakers better convey their message with greater impact by providing the audio/visual setup needed to play videos during their presentations. 


Videos Of Sessions

Record the full sessions to post on your website and social channels for marketing, or as an additional revenue stream by providing the videos for a fee.



Have a video crew travel around the event interviewing attendees, sponsors, and presenters and asking them to share what they have enjoyed about the event and how it has impacted them. 



While you have your special guests and keynote speakers at your event, take advantage of it by doing a quick interview with them to post at a later date on your social channels. 


After The Event

Recap Video

Post a video with all of the highlights and most memorable moments from the event for attendees to enjoy and share. 


Share Videos Gathered During The Event

Throughout the year leading up to the next event, trickle out videos that were recorded at the event, including clips and sound bytes from sessions, testimonials, and interviews.


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How to Promote an Event with Social Media

How to Promote an Event with Social Media


The success of your event depends on how well you promote it, and event promotion can be tricky. Social media helps, but there are some best practices to follow in order to get the most exposure for your event.

Here is a checklist of ways to promote an event with social media to get you started:

Create the accounts. When you promote an event with social media, you must first decide what accounts to use. Choose whether you will promote the event from your organization’s social media accounts, or if you will create new accounts for the event.

Come up with a hashtag. Brainstorm to come up with a hashtag dedicated to the event, and display it on all promo materials, and in all posts. Look for a hashtag that is simple, relevant to the event, and that isn’t used by anyone else on Twitter or Facebook.

Create a video. Create a short promo video for the event that people will want to share, & distribute it on your social media accounts. For more tips on how to distribute your video, see our blog on 7 Keys to a Successful Online Distribution Strategy.

Create graphics. Create graphics for your event to share on your social media accounts. This will require creating custom sizes for each platform. For example: Facebook Post, Facebook Ad, Facebook Event, Twitter Card, Instagram. is a helpful tool for creating custom sized graphics for the major social media platforms.

Create a Facebook event. Create an event on Facebook with an image and as many details as possible, and ask your followers to RSVP.

Add social sharing buttons to online ticket purchases. If guests are buying tickets online, include social media sharing buttons for them to share their plan to attend your event with their friends.

Involve your speakers/performers. Ask your speakers to promote the event on their social media accounts. Provide them with the event graphics you created so that they can share them on social media for more engagement.

Buy ads on Facebook. Events are best promoted on Facebook through ads, especially if it is the inaugural event. Create visual, engaging ads that are targeted to your audience and location.

Do giveaways. Give away tickets to the event on social media. You can do this a number of ways, but try to make it an incentive for people to share the event with their friends.

Live tweet. Have a volunteer or someone on staff live tweet the event with lots of photos and the event hashtag.

Hire a photographer. Hire a professional photographer to take photos at the event so that you can share them on social media after the event to raise awareness and promote the next event.

Record testimonials from attendees. Follow up with attendees and hire a videographer to record testimonials for use in promoting the next event on social media.

Do you have a tip for promoting an event on social media? Share it in the comments below!