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How to Effectively Ask For a Customer Testimonial Video

How to Effectively Ask For a Customer Testimonial Video

Customer testimonial videos are an invaluable asset to businesses. There’s a transparency & familiarity that comes with video that nothing short of a one on one conversation can replace.

So why don’t we see more customer testimonial videos? Because many business are too afraid to ask or not prepared to gather them.

Here are some tips on how to ask for customer testimonial videos, and make the process as smooth and pain free as possible for your customer.

Prepare Before You Ask

Choose how you will record and edit the video testimonial.

Are you DIYing it? Choose a good camera, tripod, sound equipment, and editing software, and decide who will be responsible for the recording and editing. Practice beforehand and work all the kinks out before you take time away from your customer.

The other option is to work with a professional video production company. They can save you time, money, and headaches, and give you a beautiful video that both you and your customer can be proud of. Ask around for recommendations for video production companies, or if you’re in the Orlando metro area call us.

Ask for examples of customer testimonial videos that the video production company has produced to make sure you like the style and quality. Also ask about their process and how they will work with your customer. If they don’t have great customer service skills, that should be a major red flag. Your customers will see the video production company you choose as a representative of your company, so they must have the same standards of customer service as you do.

Work with a professional video production company that will make your customer feel comfortable, and make it a fun experience for them.

Have a Process

Decide ahead of time what will trigger you to ask for a testimonial, and what the process will be to produce video testimonials.

When to Ask

Timing is key when asking for a testimonial. Ask at the point when a customer expresses their appreciation, or when they see results and thank you over and over. An over the top thank you letter, email, or phone call should be the trigger that sets your testimonial process in motion, and it starts with the ask. You have to ask when it’s fresh on their mind how great you are, and how grateful they are. The key is that you have to ask. They probably won’t think of it on their own, but would be willing to if you asked.

How to Ask

You’ve done a great job for your customer, so don’t be awkward - be confident! Here’s a couple ways you can start the conversation:

“Would you be willing to share your story on video?”

“May we use your results as a case study by doing a video interview?”

If they are hesitant, ask them to think about it overnight and tell them that you will send them examples of other video testimonials that customers have done in the past. Or, give them an example from the portfolio of the video production company you chose. Also, explain the process to them so that they are more comfortable with the idea.

If it’s another business, explain the opportunities of cross promotion and how it will bring exposure to their business. And always let the customer approve the final version of the testimonial, and tell them your distribution strategy so they know exactly how it will be used and where it will be posted.

If they are still hesitant, respect their feelings and don’t be pushy. If they say no, thank them and let it go. If you deserve a testimonial, there will be many more people to ask in the future.

Where to Film

Will you film the testimonial at the customers’ home or office? At your office? A landmark or scenic location? Give the customer options so that they can be most comfortable.

What to Cover in the Testimonial

The best customer testimonials are done in interview style, which makes the customer more at ease and comfortable. Decide ahead of time what questions you will ask. For suggestions, see last week’s blog post 5 Types of Questions to Ask for a Great Customer Testimonial Video.

The time and effort involved in creating a video testimonial more than pays for itself with the credibility and social proof it brings to your products and business. Prepare yourself ahead of time so that you are ready to capture that great customer testimonial video.

How to ask for customer testimonial videos

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