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3 Reasons Why Video Production Is The Key to Improving B2B Sales

3 Reasons Why Video Production Is The Key to Improving B2B Sales

3 Reasons Why Video Production Is The Key to Improving B2B Sales

If you are committed to increasing your B2B sales in 2015, there is one unavoidable tool that you will need to get the job done: video production. Video has always been a valuable form of communication, but now sharing a video is as easy as loading a website or sending an email, making it accessible to use for B2B marketing and sales. In many cases, potential clients even expect video as part of the sales process.

Here are 3 reasons why you need to work with an Orlando video production company to drive B2B sales:

1. Video performs well in search engines, where businesses go to find solutions.

54% of B2B buyers begin the buying process with informal research around business challenges, and 78% of the time they are using the internet to conduct their research [Source:].

Business decision makers are heading to search engines to find information and discover solutions for what is holding them back. Wouldn’t it be great if your company was there with the answer to their problem right when they were searching for it?

Video can give you more real estate in search engines through video sharing platforms like YouTube, they can keep people on your website longer for a lower bounce rate, and they can increase the amount of likes and shares your website gets. All of these factors help get you in front of buyers by helping your business show up higher in search engines.

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2. Video provides a lot of information in a short amount of time.

For key decision makers who are busy and do not have a lot of time, video is a great way to tell them all they need to know about your product to make a decision. Whether that decision is to have a conversation with you about the product or to buy depends on what type of video you create and where it is presented in the sales process.

According to Forbes:

  • 75% of senior executives are watching business related videos online on a weekly basis.
  • 59% of executives questioned prefer video over text when the content is about the same topic.
  • 51% of executives under 40 made a business related purchase as the result of watching a video.

[Source: Video in the C-Suite: Executives Embrace The Non-Text Web]

3. Video testimonials give an honest portrayal of what businesses can expect when working with you. 

This is often the question that is in the mind of buyers. What will it be like to work with this company? Will they understand our needs? Will we be able to trust them? Video testimonials connect with decision makers because they are looking for the solution that your customers have already found in your company.

There is a transparency that comes with a video testimonial that is much different than a written testimonial or case study. In a survey of B2B marketers on LinkedIn, 89% of them said that gathering customer testimonials is the most effective content marketing tactic a business can use.

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