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The 2014 Online Video Year In Review

The 2014 Online Video Year In Review

2014 was a huge year in online video. In fact, video was the driving factor in a lot of decisions that consumers and brands made online. As video continued to rule the conversation online this year, here are a few of it’s breakout moments.

Video Marketing Tips for 2014

Video Marketing Tips for 2014

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Last week we took a look back at the major events in video marketing during the past year, and their implications for 2014. There’s no doubt that video will be the key to staying competitive and reaching new audiences in the new year. Here are several video marketing tips to follow for success in 2014:

Provide Value or Make an Emotional Connection to your Viewers

While you are developing your video concepts and story boards, at every turn ask yourself if your viewers will see the video as valuable and worthy to be shared with others. Are you teaching them something? Are you making them laugh or cry? Are you making their jaws drop? Are you entertaining them with an engaging story? If you stand to gain more from the video than your viewers, or if your video is looking a lot like a TV commercial that’s muted or fast forwarded through, it’s time to re-think your concept.

Have a Plan for Video Distribution

Posting your video on YouTube and crossing your fingers will not work in 2014. You must have a well thought out plan for distributing your video through multiple channels, including your website, YouTube, email and social media. Before you produce a single video in 2014, make sure you have developed your plan for getting your video to your target audience. Click here for more tips on creating a video distribution strategy.

Create Videos in a Variety of Lengths

In 2013 we saw the rise of micro video platforms like Vine and Instagram. These micro videos will become increasingly popular in 2014, and marketers will need to create native content between 6-15 seconds to be successful on these platforms. When you are planning your video concepts, consider the length of the video as well, and create a variety of short (6-15 seconds), medium (30-90 seconds) and long (3 minutes+) videos.

Create Videos That are Current & Relevant

The most successful video marketers have their finger on the pulse of what is going on in the world and in the lives of their customers, and create content in response to these events. Find and develop a great working relationship with a video production company in 2014 that will provide you the flexibility you need to create relevant videos with a short turn around time.

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