Some may underestimate the need for Orlando event production as a means of marketing. We’re uncovering what it can do for your business.

You have a big event coming up. You’ve posted about it on social media and included some pictures from past years. People are “interested” in the event, but the hype isn’t what you anticipated. How could this be?

Nowadays, pictures don’t do an event justice. Sometimes, they aren’t able to accurately depict the experience the event provides guests. This is why Orlando event production is trending--and the demand is high.

As social media continues to evolve, so does the demand for digital production. From high-resolution photography to complete event production trailers, the desire to create compelling videos is at an all-time high.

The video above is an event production we did for the Sportology Conference. Check out the conference’s highlights and what we were able to do for their event! We’re sharing three perks event production can do for your business below.

Entice Viewers

We can all admit we’re easily convinced to click on videos that show up on our timelines. Videos convey emotion, but good videos tell a story. An event that publishes a video representing what to expect from attending will automatically entice viewers to see what it’s all about. As an Orlando local business, our team at Talking Head Studio understands the impact videos have on the local community. People simply like to know what they’re getting themselves into before they commit.

Build Anticipation

A well-made Orlando event production video should include compelling content, music, and visuals to get viewers excited. These videos are your event’s call to action. Once one person watches a video of an upcoming event, they share it with multiple people or, better yet, their entire feed! If your business didn’t hire a videographer last year, be sure to hire one  this year to build a content library for the years following. Trust us, the turnout will be well worth it.

Increase Attendance

An event production team should have the expertise to capture compelling footage and implement it into your marketing strategy. If the production is done effectively, it will have enticed viewers to learn about the event, built anticipation and assured an incredible turnout. The more your business speaks your audience’s language, the more likely they are to support your event.

For upcoming Orlando event production, contact us today. We’d love to play a part in capturing your event!