After years and years of pushy marketing, your customers have most likely become cynical towards direct advertising tactics, and have found many ways to essentially protect themselves from being bombarded by nonstop marketing messages. But, there is one type of marketing tool that is still effective amidst this skeptical environment, and that is the Business Documentary.

James Schramko, Founder of SuperFastBusiness, recently interviewed Australian corporate filmmaker Ryan Spranger on his podcast about the effectiveness of business documentaries. In the podcast, Spanger outlined 10 steps to creating a great business documentary:

  1. Decide if a business documentary is the right marketing tool for your audience.
  2. Be very clear about who your audience is by creating a profile for your typical audience member.
  3. Figure out what challenge that audience member is up against that you can help them overcome.
  4. Understand the logical and emotional motivations that would cause your audience to purchase a product like yours.
  5. Arrange to film a client testimonial as a representation of those logical and emotional motivations that your target audience member is experiencing.
  6. Establish credibility and trust with your client by educating them on the video testimonial process.
  7. Ask the right questions to elicit the information you are looking to include in the business documentary.
  8. Develop a B-roll of specific shots to include in the documentary that backs up the content.
  9. Spend time connecting the dots and polishing the film in post production editing.
  10. Develop a clear strategy on how you will distribute the video.

To see how these ten steps are put in to practice, here is an example of a business documentary we recently filmed for local Orlando company Entech Creative:

To listen to the full podcast with Ryan Spranger, click here. If you’re interested in finding out more about how to create a business documentary for your company, contact us.


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