how to get more youtube views

If you want your video to be viewed by as many people in your target audience as possible, the best place to upload it is YouTube. But how do you get more YouTube views once it’s uploaded? YouTube is owned by Google, the most popular internet search engine, which means that YouTube videos take priority in Google searches. But just uploading your video to YouTube is not enough if you want people to view it. 72 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube each minute, so you have a lot of competition to capture the attention of the one billion users that visit YouTube each month.

One way to get more YouTube views is through adding captioning to each video. Adding captioning to your videos gives Google a better sense of what the video is about, which further optimizes the video for search (SEO) beyond the tags and description that you should already be adding. Videos with captioning get more YouTube views than those that do not have captioning.

Besides the SEO advantage, captioning also broadens the versatility of the video so that more people can watch it. Captioning allows viewers who are hearing impaired to watch and understand the video, and it also helps if a viewer can't use sound - for example if they are in a quiet office or a loud room.

Adding captions to get more YouTube views is very easy, it just takes some time depending on how long your video is. If you have already uploaded a video to YouTube, you can still add captions to it at any time, so you don’t have to re-upload and lose your existing ranking and views. Here is a great instructional video from ReelSEO on how to get more YouTube views on your videos by adding captions using a free web application called CaptionTube.


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