A headshot holds weight in the business world. We’re giving you three reasons to invest in headshot photography now so that you can enjoy the perks later:

1. To Make A Good Impression

If you’re at the start of your career or the beginning of a new business endeavor, it’s critical to pull all your cards out and put your best foot forward. First impressions are made within seconds-- both in person and online.

In today’s digital culture, networking platforms, such as LinkedIn, are utilized to determine the seriousness and professionalism of a potential employee before any communication is initiated. If you want to at least make it to the second round of consideration, a professional headshot is vital.

2. To Appear Confident & Approachable

When you invest in headshot photography, you’re seeking help from a professional who knows what message you’re trying to send. A headshot shouldn’t just be a picture of you in business attire-- it should embody your personality and will to land a career.

Appearing confident and approachable in your headshot offers a glimpse into how you’ll fit into a workplace’s culture. When employers stumble upon your profile, they’ll either engage with your headshot and feel inclined to learn more or they’ll move along to the next prospect. Confidence is key.

3. To Represent Your Brand

In the business world, you are your own brand and your headshot is like the logo. Think of your profile as your portfolio and craft it to fit your personality. Everything you do up until this point has to be calculated in order to send the right brand message to your audience.

There are a couple of different headshot styles that could best fit your approach:

  • Causal and friendly- for the business owner who wants to give off an inviting look

  • Fun, not-so-corporate- for your start-up tech company whose target audience is a more youthful crowd

  • Professional and qualified- for the applicant who intends to land a CEO position in a large company

When you invest now in headshot photography, you’re opening many doors of opportunity that you’ll later find valuable. But, if you’ve yet to get a professional headshot done, you could be holding yourself back. It’s the simplest way to get noticed in the diverse workforce and be taken seriously as a professional. To schedule a headshot session, contact us today!