If you don't know already, your company Facebook posts don’t reach everyone that likes your Facebook page.

Because of the volume of posts uploaded to Facebook each minute, they have built a complex algorithm that shows it’s users what it thinks they want to see in their News Feeds. And that doesn’t always include your content.

While there isn’t a way to sneak by this algorithm, there is a way to double the number of people that your Facebook posts reach.

The answer is in video. Video that is natively uploaded to Facebook gets the most organic reach out of any other post type, and twice as much reach as photos [Source].

If your Facebook organic reach is falling or stalling, add video in to the mix.

Not only will the video itself reach more people, but over time the Facebook algorithm will see your page as more desirable in News Feeds because of the attention your video posts are getting.

Get started by sharing a few basic videos. Tell the story of your business, share what others are saying about your business, or share a how to video.

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