Each and every production company differs in style. We’re sharing how we’ve found commercial video production to be the most effective:

Explain Your Why

As a business, we understand how difficult it can be to stand out from competitors. If you’re in a busy city like Orlando, there are likely other companies around the area that offer the exact same services as you. So, how do you get your audience to choose you and not them?

Through storytelling, we’re able to bring commercial video production to life. Your business will no longer be just a name to people, but a message they’ll resonate with. We listen to your story, study your field and use what we’ve found effective to share the message you’re trying to communicate. What’s unique about your business is the journey you took to get where you are today. And that is a story worth telling.

Showcase Your Culture

A company’s culture defines the experience offered for both employees and clients. It’s the all-encompassing values and mission that a company portrays, which is often the factor that draws people in.

Luckily, video is the best medium to showcase company culture. Through commercial video production, we’re able to bring out your brand’s unique personality in a fun and compelling way that engages your audience. If your Friday meetings are interactive or the way your employees collaborate together is what you take pride in, we want the world to know.

Tell Your Story

Your brand’s story is unique. There isn’t another one like it. It’s going to be what makes clients want to work with you and employees want to work for you. But, if you don’t take advantage of it through your marketing efforts, you’ll blend in with the crowd. Let’s prevent that from happening.

At Talking Head Studio, we take a different approach to commercial video production. We’re storytellers who dig deep to get to the bottom of your message so that your audience can understand why they need you and what problems you can solve for them. If you’re looking to share your story with potential customers, contact us today!