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10 Photos to Include in the Photographic Journal of Your Business

10 Photos to Include in the Photographic Journal of Your Business

10 Photos to Include in the Photographic Journal of Your Business

Smart businesses that are getting noticed online have one important tool at their disposal: a photographic journal of their business.

A photographic journal of their business allows them to have the photos on hand to communicate quickly, which is a major advantage in the fast paced world of the internet and social media.

With it being just as easy to share text as it is images online, a smart business is equipped with photos to share at just the right time to make a big impact. How big of an impact?

This infographic highlights just how important photos and visual content is to your marketing strategy online:

It’s All About the Images [infographic by MDG Advertising]

Infographic by MDG Advertising

If you’re looking to be more flexible and have more impact online, enlist a professional photographer to capture the humanity and stories of your business in photos.

Here are 10 types of photos to include in the photographic journal of your business:

1. Head shots of key employees. Especially if they are charged with communicating on LinkedIn with business prospects, or putting their photo on business cards, in presentations, or in email signatures…you want to make sure they are represented by a great head shot. Aim to take a few different shots: standard, at their desk, and in action.

2. Your building. Even if your customers don’t generally visit you at your location, it’s nice for them to be able to put a face to a name, or a building to a name in this case. Sharing a photo of where you do business enhances your authenticity and transparency.

3. Your equipment. Do you have specialty equipment that you use to do your job? Showing your customers the resources and tools you have on hand to get the job done further demonstrates your expertise and your value to the customer.

movi equipment photo
movi equipment photo

4. Your products. You don’t have to photograph every product, but you should at least have professional photographs of your best sellers that are ready to be included in social media posts or marketing materials at a moments notice.

5. Philanthropy and community outreach. You should have photos of your company participating in activities that support the community. Not to show off your good deeds necessarily, but to bring awareness to the causes that your company is passionate about. These types of photos show your community mindfulness and selflessness, and make your company more appealing to work with.

6. Events. Does your company have an event that it hosts every year, or even every week? This is a great opportunity to capture photos and moments to share long after the event is over.

7. Out in the field. You naturally want to have photos of work actually being done. Whether that is in the field, during the manufacturing process, or in the office, these types of action shots will showcase your work and experience.

Entech Creative Harry Potter dragon
Entech Creative Harry Potter dragon

8. Employees on the front lines most likely to interact with customers. Especially when your relationship with the customer starts online, maintaining that familiarity will go a long way towards developing your relationship and trust with the customer.

9. Finished projects. Another way to show off your expertise and experience is by sharing photos of your finished projects. Having an extensive portfolio of finished projects to share can give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

Finished Harry Potter Dragon created by Entech Creative
Finished Harry Potter Dragon created by Entech Creative

10. “Vintage” shots. Having old photos of your business in digital form and ready to share are great to have. They allow you to share the story of your business, from where you came from to where you are now, through trends like “Throwback Thursday” or “Flashback Friday” on social media.

Are you looking to create a photographic journal of your business? Send us a message to get moving on the photographic journal of your business.

What Smart Businesses Are Doing To Get Noticed Online

What Smart Businesses Are Doing To Get Noticed Online

Get Noticed Online

The internet is a marketing frontier that many enter, but few succeed in. There’s a flood of information and marketing messages permeating every inch of the internet, making it difficult to reach and make an impact on your target audience. On the other hand, online marketing can be very rewarding to those who succeed. The smartest, most successful businesses have figured out that telling their story visually is how to get noticed online. One of the ways that businesses telling their stories visually is through professional photos. Of their products. Of their services. Of their facilities. Of their people. Of their philanthropy. Of their past work, etc.

A picture is worth a thousand words. When you are sharing your message online, whether it’s on your website or social media, you need to be able to communicate to your audience in the amount of time it takes for them to scroll down. You simply can’t do this with text because most people scroll faster than they read. Businesses need photos to communicate with their online audience.

To be clear, we aren’t talking about stock photos. In some cases, stock photos are better than not having photos at all, but there isn’t an ounce of authenticity in stock photos. You’re not fooling anyone, and we can all tell it’s a stock photo. Everyone has perfect hair, they look a little too happy, and their clothes are all coordinated.

Authenticity is a huge part of being successful with marketing online, and you’re not going to get that from a stock photo. Besides, do you really want someone you don’t know to be the face of your company online? Even worse, do you want that face to also represent countless other companies and organizations too?

When you’re developing your company’s presence online, bypass the stock photos as much as possible. Hire a photographer to get into your business and really create a photographic journal of every part of it. These photos will be 100% authentic and a true representation of your values, your culture, and your individuality as a business. It’s a very simple but powerful way to set yourself apart from the competition.

Once you have this photographic journal of your business, you are much better equipped to reach people online and take advantage of all of the marketing opportunities the internet has to offer.

If you’re using the internet for marketing and you are not using photos, you are at a serious disadvantage. Here’s a challenge: take a look at your top 3 competitors, or the top 3 companies in your industry that you aspire to be like. Analyze their footprint online - their website, social media, email marketing, search engine presence, etc. Pay close attention to the role that photos are playing in their success. If they aren’t using photos, you have an opportunity to get a leg up on your competition.

Now take a look at your own business and it’s footprint online. Where are you missing out on telling your story visually? What parts of your business are you most proud of, and how can you capture that with photos?

If your business currently takes advantage of professional photos for marketing online, what tips do you have for other businesses? Share you tips in the comment section below.