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Reach Up To 10x More People on Facebook With This New Feature

Reach Up To 10x More People on Facebook With This New Feature

If your business runs a Facebook page, you know what a challenge it can be to reach a significant portion of your existing fans and potential customers. There is so much content on Facebook these days that it’s hard to get your content to stand out.


In fact, most businesses have seen their reach decline over the past year. The pages who have actually seen their reach increase have one thing in common: they regularly post video content.


What should that tell businesses running Facebook pages? That they need to adapt to changing trends and get more creative with their content.


Facebook’s newest feature is the perfect opportunity to do just that. It’s called Facebook Live, and it allows you to broadcast live video to your fans right in their Newsfeed. It also allows you to interact real time by showing you comments from your fans on your live video.


But the best part is, Facebook Live promises even better reach than standard videos! 


Facebook Live provides unprecedented access to your customers, and it also reaches huge amounts of your fans, much more than regular posts. Facebook itself has come out and said that Facebook Live videos are prioritized at the top of people’s Newsfeeds. That means more people will see your Facebook Live videos than any other type of content you post.


While Facebook Live is still in it’s infancy, pages are reporting that they are reaching up to 10x the number of people that they normally do with their posts.


Facebook Live videos also draw a significant amount of engagement, especially when they are use interactively to communicate with fans. And we know that when an individual likes or comments on your content, the Facebook algorithm shows your posts more often in their Newsfeed. So not only do Facebook Live videos have greater reach, they can also help improve the overall reach of your page.


So how do you get started with Facebook Live? For now, Facebook Live is only available on mobile devices or through the Facebook Live API. Most Facebook Live videos are shot on mobile devices, and therefore are often shaky, and have distracting audio, lighting, and framing issues.


But there is another option that savvy businesses are taking advantage of to create high quality live broadcasts and increase their effectiveness even more. It’s the option to work with a production company to host the live broadcast on your page through the Facebook Live API and their professional equipment.


Talking Head Studio is one of the few production companies offering this service. We’ll make sure your Facebook Live stream reflects the professionalism and dedication to quality your business stands for.


Whether it’s a product launch, Q & A session, webinar, or behind the scenes video, let Talking Head Studio make it a home run for your business and your Facebook presence. Take a look at a recent Facebook Live broadcast we produced for our clients at Maximized Living. 


Click here to learn more about our live streaming services or contact us today and let’s discuss how we can elevate your Facebook Live videos and get the results you’re looking for.

Double Your Facebook Reach With This Feature

Double Your Facebook Reach With This Feature

If you don't know already, your company Facebook posts don’t reach everyone that likes your Facebook page.

Because of the volume of posts uploaded to Facebook each minute, they have built a complex algorithm that shows it’s users what it thinks they want to see in their News Feeds. And that doesn’t always include your content.

While there isn’t a way to sneak by this algorithm, there is a way to double the number of people that your Facebook posts reach.

The answer is in video. Video that is natively uploaded to Facebook gets the most organic reach out of any other post type, and twice as much reach as photos [Source].

If your Facebook organic reach is falling or stalling, add video in to the mix.

Not only will the video itself reach more people, but over time the Facebook algorithm will see your page as more desirable in News Feeds because of the attention your video posts are getting.

Get started by sharing a few basic videos. Tell the story of your business, share what others are saying about your business, or share a how to video.

Contact us to get started creating your videos for 2016.

How To Use Video on Facebook to Send Traffic to Your Website

How To Use Video on Facebook to Send Traffic to Your Website

Do you want to stand out in the saturated Facebook news feeds of your target audience? Then you need to start using video - and fast. This is the year of video on Facebook, and if your brand is not using video on Facebook yet, it will in the future. It must, in order to keep up with the competition.

How To Add A Facebook Video Call To Action

How To Add A Facebook Video Call To Action

How To Add A Facebook Video Call To Action-8

Facebook has made a huge push this year to bring more videos to the platform. They know that video is very popular with their audience, and have released many new features to make video viewing and uploading quick and easy.

The latest feature that Facebook has released has huge benefits to businesses on Facebook who have invested in video production.

Now, pages can include a Facebook video call to action that includes a clickable link. The call to action and link show up at the end of the video.

This is HUGE for improving the ROI of your Facebook page.

Here is a step by step guide to creating a Facebook Video Call To Action and drive traffic to your website:

1. From your Facebook page, choose to upload Photos/Videos.

Step 1 Facebook Video Call To Action

2. Once your video is uploaded, click on the “Add A Call To Action” option.

Step 2 Facebook Call To Action

3. Choose the appropriate call to action from the options provided.

Step 3 facebook Video Call To Action

4. Choose the URL you would like to send people to through the call to action.

Step 4 Facebook Video Call To Action

5. Don’t forget to add your teaser text to the post.

Step 5 Facebook Video Call To Action

6. Click post, or schedule the video to post.

Here is what the Facebook video call to action looks like, displayed at the end of the video:

Facebook Video Call To Action Example

For more advanced Facebook administrators, using the Facebook Power Editor will give you a couple more customization options.

This new call to action feature pairs beautifully with the new Facebook video ads that are rolling out. And like we’ve mentioned before, the audience targeting that is possible with Facebook ads is a major reason to start investing in Facebook videos.

In our next blog we’ll share some tips on how to use this feature strategically to bring traffic to your site. Like us on Facebook so you don’t miss it!