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How to Overcome 4 Communication Barriers Using Public Relations Videos

How to Overcome 4 Communication Barriers Using Public Relations Videos

How to Overcome 4 Communication Barriers Using Public Relations Videos

Communication between your company and the public can sometimes be a tricky endeavor. Public relations videos help to simplify and clarify communication, and is a critical tool for businesses. Here are four ways that public relations videos can improve your company’s relationship with the public: Explain difficult topics Videos are great for explaining difficult topics. For example, if you have a new business concept that is not familiar to your target audience, creating an explainer video is a great way to simply and easily show them how your business will benefit them.

Videos are also helpful if you have a product that is full of different features, or is prone to being misused. Creating a how to video, or a series of how to videos on proper use of the product will help improve customer satisfaction, and reduce the amount of time spent with customer service representatives.

Deliver a consistent message Especially in times of crisis, it is important to be able to deliver a consistent message that explains the position of your business, the intricacies of the crisis, and the solutions you are putting into action.

Present a positive public image Because video is an experience of sight, sound and movement, it can go a long way towards swaying the opinion of its viewers. This is great for creating a positive image of your business in the minds of your audience. Business documentaries and customer testimonials are simple videos that any business can create to establish a positive reputation for a business, or improve upon a negative perception of the business.

B Roll footage One of the best uses for public relations videos is providing b roll footage to media outlets, to go out with requests for media attention for your business. The media knows that there’s more value in video than written word these days. Being able to provide b roll footage for news stories makes their job easier, and makes it easier for them to say yes to your proposed story.

Are videos a part of your public relations strategy?

Improve Internal Communications with Video

Improve Internal Communications with Video


Video is an effective business tool for more than just marketing. Companies are now relying on video to improve internal communications. In fact, 93% of internal communications teams now see videos as an important tool.

Video can help you get the attention of employees, and explain lengthy or difficult subject matter with ease; making it more likely that the intended viewer will comprehend the message.

Videos can also improve internal communications by allowing companies to be more consistent and uniform in their communications, so that everyone is getting the same message in the same way.

Some examples of ways that companies can use video to improve corporate internal communications are:

  • Compliance training
  • Major meetings
  • Continuing education
  • Onboarding
  • Corporate news
  • Safety training
  • Replace or coincide with lengthy, complicated documents

The key to communicating effectively with video is to create well produced videos that are interesting, engaging, and relatively brief. They also need to be distributed well so that they are easy to find by employees.

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