How To Add A Facebook Video Call To Action-8

Facebook has made a huge push this year to bring more videos to the platform. They know that video is very popular with their audience, and have released many new features to make video viewing and uploading quick and easy.

The latest feature that Facebook has released has huge benefits to businesses on Facebook who have invested in video production.

Now, pages can include a Facebook video call to action that includes a clickable link. The call to action and link show up at the end of the video.

This is HUGE for improving the ROI of your Facebook page.

Here is a step by step guide to creating a Facebook Video Call To Action and drive traffic to your website:

1. From your Facebook page, choose to upload Photos/Videos.

Step 1 Facebook Video Call To Action

2. Once your video is uploaded, click on the “Add A Call To Action” option.

Step 2 Facebook Call To Action

3. Choose the appropriate call to action from the options provided.

Step 3 facebook Video Call To Action

4. Choose the URL you would like to send people to through the call to action.

Step 4 Facebook Video Call To Action

5. Don’t forget to add your teaser text to the post.

Step 5 Facebook Video Call To Action

6. Click post, or schedule the video to post.

Here is what the Facebook video call to action looks like, displayed at the end of the video:

Facebook Video Call To Action Example

For more advanced Facebook administrators, using the Facebook Power Editor will give you a couple more customization options.

This new call to action feature pairs beautifully with the new Facebook video ads that are rolling out. And like we’ve mentioned before, the audience targeting that is possible with Facebook ads is a major reason to start investing in Facebook videos.

In our next blog we’ll share some tips on how to use this feature strategically to bring traffic to your site. Like us on Facebook so you don’t miss it!