4 Easy Video Production Ideas For Any Business

Online video has a very low barrier to entry, making it easy for any business to start using it. With all of the trends showing a significant increase in online video consumption, smart businesses are dedicating a portion of their marketing budget to video production. If your business is just getting started with video production, it can be difficult to know where to start and what type of videos you should create and share online. Here are four easy video production ideas that any business can create:

Business Documentary A Business Documentary is a short film about the history of your business. A business documentary explores the origins and inspiration behind the business, what the business excels at, how it has grown since it began, and where it aspires to be in the future. A Business Documentary is more than just a generic “About Us” video, it is shot like a film documentary and relays the passion and purpose of your business.

58% of consumers consider companies that have online videos to be more trustworthy. [Source]

For the most impact, search for a video production company that specializes in business documentaries, and request examples of projects they have completed. If you are in the Central Florida - Orlando area, check out our Orlando video production projects, and then contact us for a quote.

Here’s a great example of what a Business Documentary is like:


The Customer Testimonial  What’s a business without customers, right? Most every business should have the ability to create a customer testimonial video. If you do no other video production project, you should have customer testimonial videos. They will go a long way towards establishing your credibility and building trust with your potential customers.

Asking for a customer testimonial is probably the hardest step in the process. That’s why we created this guide for how to ask a customer to participate in a testimonial video.

The Explainer Video  Explainer videos are short, often animated videos that help to explain a service or product. Explainer videos are designed to provide the essential information in a fun and concise way. While most any business can find a use for an explainer video, they are especially helpful when introducing a new service or product that people are not familiar with.

73% of consumers are more likely to purchase after watching an online video that explains the product or service. [Source]

This is an animated explainer video for Groupon, a company that had the barrier of explaining their new service to an audience that was unfamiliar with the concept.


Here is another example of an explainer video for Airbnb that isn’t animated:


Answer Frequently Asked Questions No matter what the business, customers always have questions. And those questions can be fuel for your video production projects. Work with your staff to gather the most asked questions, then work with a video production company and a spokesperson to answer them all on film, and create short videos out of all of them. The collection of videos can become a great resource for your customers, and great content for your website, Facebook, or YouTube.