It can be extremely challenging to get your website to rank in search results, and you need every tool at your disposal to be able to out rank your competition.


Here are three ways that video can help your website improve it’s visibility in search:


Host your videos directly on your website

YouTube is a great social tool for video, and you should absolutely upload your videos there, but you should not use YouTube to embed videos on to your website if you can help it.


Instead, host your videos on your website and create a video site map so that search engines will include the video thumbnail along with the link to your website.


Search results with a video thumbnail get clicked more often and can catapult you to the top of search results, especially for search queries that don’t have any other videos to compete with.


For more tips on adding video to your website, read our blog on How To Add Video To A Website The Right Way.


Make your videos embeddable to build backlinks. 

When you make the videos hosted on your website embeddable, other people can share them on their websites and link back to your website.


These links back to your site tell search engines that the content on your site is valuable because it is being linked to by several other websites.


Backlinks give your site credibility in search engines that can improve your position in search results.


Add videos to reduce your bounce rate

When people “bounce” off your website, meaning only stay for a couple seconds and then leave, it tells search engines that the content on your website is not relevant for that search term.


Videos can help reduce bounce rates by providing visitors with video content which is compelling and takes time to watch, keeping people on your website longer and reducing the bounce rate.