The 7 Winning Benefits Of Implementing Video Training Production In The Sales Industry

The 7 Winning Benefits Of Implementing Video Training Production In The Sales Industry

The desire for video training production is trending to help educate new sales employees. Here’s why it’s beneficial.

1. Reduce Business Costs

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When you add new employees to the team, you have to invest time and money in training. A sales training program can be on the hefty side when it comes to expenses-- especially if finding a venue, providing food and refreshments, travel costs and having to pay someone to run the presentation are all factors involved. When you invest in video training production, it’s a one-time expense that can be utilized over and over again. 

Studies show that when Microsoft chose to use video training instead of classroom training, they cut their costs from $320 per person to just $17. Needless to say, the switch saved the company millions of dollars a year.

2. Boost Work Productivity

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The traditional way to train new employees usually involves an extensive presentation in the conference room, as well as the help and attention of other employees who could be working. While it’s important to learn the ins and outs of the company and products/services you’re going to be advocating for, time is money and every hour matters when it comes to meeting sales goals.

With video training, you can strategically teach new sales reps everything they need to know about your business without having to distract others. This will help them become more knowledgeable about the product or service and knowledgeable salespeople close more deals.

3. Maintain Brand Consistency

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When you work in the sales industry, it’s critical to know the company you’re representing like the back of your hand. You must understand the story behind the company, the products, the services, and the unique selling propositions that tend to connect the brand with its consumers. In order to guarantee each and every employee digests all of this information in its entirety, you must provide them with consistent training to maximize effective results. 

By giving employees the same learning experience, you’re guaranteeing them the ability to have a successful future within your company. A video course that’s engaging, creative and appropriate will give your business a solid base that is then up to the employees to deliver.

4. Simplify Complex Information

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Working in the sales industry, we’re sure you’ve acknowledged that not all people learn and understand information in the same way. A certain sales strategy may click for one of your new employees but not the other-- and vise versa. With video training production, we can simplify information with the use of infographics, guided demos, and interactive scenarios to ensure the learning experience is engaging and appealing to all audiences. 

We even have experience including pop-up questions to accurately gauge how well your employees are digesting the information provided to them. In doing so, you’re able to better analyze the effectiveness of the videos and then make adjustments accordingly.

5. Ensure Information Is Accessible & Retained

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You spent all that time training your new employees via classroom or seminar-style just to find out that a couple of months later, only 20% remember the details. How can that be avoided? One of the most valuable benefits of video training is the fact that these videos are readily available at your disposal.

Studies show that by watching a video, people are 65% more likely to retain that information because they can visualize the material on screen, rather than just listen to it. This goes to show that having training videos readily accessible can genuinely be of service to not only your new employees but the future of your company.

6. Implement Assessment-Based Learning

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When it comes to ensuring your representatives are ready to engage with consumers, sales leaders need to shift their mindset from ‘Do they know what to say?’ to ‘Are they well-versed in the brand and industry?’ When reps know they are going to be assessed at the end of their training, they’re much more likely to commit to learning and engage with the content provided to them. 

As mentioned above, the sky’s the limit with video training production when it comes to customization. By including questions and assessments throughout your video courses, you’ll find a stronger learning attempt and improved rep effectiveness.

7. Investing Now Calls For A Quicker ROI

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It’s no secret that sales hires are eager to begin selling. However, it’s in your company’s best interest to ensure your sales team can articulate the value and communicate the value of your brand before hitting the ground running. By providing new employees with training courses and assessments they can reference over and over again, you’ll find that they’ll be able to better navigate the buying journey by emphasizing the products’ worth and shortening the sales cycle while they’re at it. 

There are endless areas of opportunity with video training production that go far beyond just the sales industry. Any business that requires internal training, policy training or safety training could benefit from investing in video content that can be reused over time. The key is figuring out where to begin, but that’s where we come in. Contact us today to transition to training videos and set a brighter future for your company!